Growing in Gosport

An innovative project by gosport allotment association to help people to grow vegetables.

Each year on the Allotments we see people take on an allotment plot who have limited experience of how to get the most out of the land. Some underestimate the time that is needed and often they give up, or they just don’t know there is a right way up to plant a potato! At the same time, we know there remains huge interest in growing produce for ourselves that has not travelled hundreds or thousands of miles to get to our table. Those who do grow their own fruit and vegetables know the taste of home or locally grown produce cannot be beaten.

So, Gosport Allotment Association has set up the Growing in Gosport Project. The concept is straightforward – we will not dig the ground, sow the seeds or pull the weeds – but we will show you how on a mini allotment plot of your own. You get to eat what you grow and will then hopefully move on to your own plot the following year. Gosport Borough Council have allocated allotments at Brockhurst Allotment Site.  Training/mentoring takes place on Saturday morning from 10am to 12 Noon. You need to be aware there are no toilet facilities available on the site.

The basic eligibility criteria are: you must be a Gosport Borough resident, aged 18 years or over and able to work/dig/weed your mini-allotment.

Gosport Borough Council encourages those who join the Growing Project to apply to join the Council Allotment Waiting List for a plot of your own on a site of your preference. This means you will continue to climb the waiting list during your training year and hopefully get your own plot. The Council waiting list continues to grow so it is best to get your name down on the waiting list early.

The Association will provide compost for seed sowing and a range of standard vegetable seeds. That is cheaper than asking everyone to buy their own seeds and not being able to sow all the seed due to limited space. To cover these costs there will be a £30 charge due to the Association. Additionally, to provide you a key to attend your plot other than on Saturday mornings there is a refundable deposit charge of £25 due to the Council. The normal deposit for a key is £50 however the Growing Project covers the balance.

Due to some people withdrawing their interest, there are mini-plots still available.

You can check our progress on the Growing in Gosport Instagram page.

If you are interested then you can download and fill out the form below. Please send your completed form to