Council Allotment Waiting List – you could get a plot this month for this year’s growing season!!

Good news that the waiting list on some Council sites has reduced significantly.  This is the result of good collaboration between the Council and Association to get plots cleared and then let.

As of 18 March 2024 here is the state of the waiting list:

Location Date of longest waiting customer
Brockhurst March 2024
Camden March 2024
Elson March 2022
Lee on the Solent June 2021
Leesland Park July 2021
Middlecroft March 2024
Park Road February 2021
Rowner May 2023
Tukes Avenue May 2023
Wych Lane August 2022

So, if you would like to have a plot at Brockhurst, Camden or Middlecroft then please go to the Council Allotment webpage to apply, or get in touch on 08000 198598 or e-mail .  If you are on the waiting list for other sites with a longer waiting list then you can ask to be moved a site with a shorter waiting list.

Let’s keep growing in Gosport!


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