MEMBERS GENERAL MEETING 12 OCT 21 @ 7.00PM in HEDCA, Coombe Road (Note date change from 14th to 12th)


To discuss how climate change affects us all and how we can respond to that from working on our allotment and how to encourage others to follow.

Proposed Agenda:

– how can we as plot holders reduce our impact on climate change.

– how can we as an Association reduce our impact on climate change.

– what do we want or expect our Landlord (Council or Diocese) to do about climate change.

– other ideas from those attending.

The meeting is open to Allotment Association Members to attend.

If you plan to attend then please advise your local Storeperson or email [email protected]  Booking is required so that we can manage COVID safe spacing in the hall (depending on rules in force on the day).

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